Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sweet sangat !

girl : thanx for the fun day!
boy : no problem
girl : can i ask you a few questions ?
boy : sure
girl : and...be honest
girl : have i ever crossed your mind ?
boy : no
girl : do you like me ?
boy : no
girl : do you want me ?
boy : no
girl : would you cry if i left ?
boy : no
girl : would you live for me ?
boy : no
girl : would you do anything for me ?
boy : no
girl : choose me or your life
boy : my life

the girl ran away in shock depression
the boy ran after her and told her...

the reason you never crossed my mind because
you always on my mind
the reason why i don't like you is because
i love you
the reason i don't want is because
i need you
the reason why i wouldn't cry if you left because
i'll die if you left
the reason i wouldn't live for you is because
i would die for you
the reason im not willing to do anything for you because
i would do everything for you
the reason i chose my life is because
you are my life

suka entri saya ? sila la like ! hee terima kasih kerana sudi baca entri saya ! :D

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