Tuesday, November 16, 2010

im afraid to love because im afraid of losing.

im afraid to love because im afraid of losing.
my friend said,
'you won't discover the true love until forever then. love is taking risk. and play it well'
ouhh yess. thats true. so i have to take and face the risk then :)
'u'll meet MANY MR.WRONG before the MR.RIGHT datang. u have to feel the real heartbreaks mcm lebih dari 10 kali nak buat ur heart really strong. trust me'
uhuh. thats really nice ! but the 2nd sentence tu mcm mustahil jee bunyi kan. hehe.my heart baru skali je kene break. hee. so it means my heart not so strong yet lah kan. hmm. maybe.
'gila tak strong lagi. kau kena love someone all out. and good for you if he breaks ur heart. HAHA. sepuluh kali AT LEAST. baru u know what's truly loving is. and making ur heart stronger. once is not enough'
whoaa. AT LEAST ? haha. susah tuu. ;) boleh mati aku duk tanggung kuciwa. ngehngehngeh.
tak mati pun. exercise. tu hati tu ada muscle kan. tu la simplest cardiac muscle exercise
HAHA. boleh plak dye ckp mcm tuu ? ngaa~ akan ku practise kan lah kalau macam tuu. hehe. nak bg heart aku exercise selalu. bhahaha. ;DD gile ape ? penat la kalau nak heartbreak selalu betul x ? hehe ;P

comel je kauu bagi aku comment mcm tuu. hehe. but some parts tu ade yg betul laa. :)
sooo, the conclusion is, just pray to HIM for whatever we want or we wish. rightio. :)

listening to 'never knew i needed'- neyo.

suka entri saya ? sila la like ! hee terima kasih kerana sudi baca entri saya ! :D

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